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Large Selections of Fashion Souvenir & Treat

Ten years of giving what Saipan has to offer...Friendly store people, large selections and 7 stores across Saipan. Now we’re making it easy for you to bring Saipan home! Check our wonderful selection of Saipans very best. I Love Saipan ~ just got better!



Huge selections of fashion styles & accessories to choose from, clothing line shipped directly form L.A. Always on the trend for the latest fashion, the very best on fashion at a very reasonable price!


Chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Jelly Beans, Homemade Island cookies, Coconut chips & other delectable treats - offering you the best Saipan treats at their very best prices!

Myung Rang Hotdog

Korea's famous hot dogs have arrived Saipan! Unlike your typical hot dog in a bun, we specialize in using a stick to deep fry our signature item until it crisps golden brown. It's the perfect snack filled with your choice of mozzarella cheese, squid-ink, potato, and more!

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